Weekly Picks: Singapore (25 – 31 March 2019)

NYFA Conference 2019 – Film Industry 101: How Do I Get My Films Made, *SCAPE, 31 March 3pm

For a young filmmaker, the road to making a feature film can be daunting; from securing funding to getting the right team for your film, there are many components to pulling a project together. In this comprehensive seminar, learn the ins-and-outs of film labs, residencies, development funds and production grants, and find out exactly what it takes to make your film stand out from the rest.

More information here.

Saturdays@ACM: Case of Curiosities, Asian Civilisations Museum, 30 March, 1 – 5pm

Curious? Join us this Saturday as we present a supersized version of Saturdays@ACM. We incorporate two festivals – Singapore HeritageFest and ACM’s Asian Culture & Music series. Catch puppet performances, play old-school games, and paint your own miniature Raffles gnomes. Hungry? Wander through Singapore’s first fruit food market and have a cup of bubble tea on us!*

Find out more here.

Representation or Tokenism?: Meeting in the Middle #3, organised by Ethos Books featuring Dr. Dawn-joy Leong, Cassandra Chiu, Laika Jumabhoy, 29 March, 7:30pm

What is the difference between representation and tokenism? How can we do better, both in stories and in our everyday lives, to create a more inclusive community? This dialogue brings forth the voices and lived experience of female advocates from the disabled community.

As part of International Women’s Day, join us for a conversation with Cassandra Chiu (author of A Place for Us, guide dog team with Esme the Global Guide Dog), Dr. Dawn-joy Leong (autistic artist-researcher) and Laika Jumabhoy (AWARE Singapore)—as they talk about the tendency for tokenism, and how we can do better at truly representing and including people with disabilities.

Whether you’re a reader or writer, we invite you to join us for this year’s Meeting in the Middle, and to make an active effort to create space (literal or metaphorical) for disabilities in your stories.

More information here.

Always Every Time by GroundZ-0 原。空間, The Arts House Playden, 28 – 30 March

Always Every Time is a doublebill comprising two plays: 《我在你左右》performed in Mandarin and Cantonese and Tiap Kali Aku… performed in Malay and English.

Always Every Time explores the parent-child relationship and its intricate dynamics, within a 20-minute window when life and death intersects. In this crucial moment of their lives, the characters are compelled to confront their fears, insecurities, apprehension, disappointment and pain. It is now or never.

More information here.

Rubber Girl on the loose (R18), a co-production with Cake, Esplanade Theatre Studio, 28 – 31 March

Urban legend has it that Sophocles, the Granddaddy of Tragedy, died from holding his breath while reciting a particularly long line from Antigone, the story of a young woman from Thebes, who had the cheek to defy her uncle-ruler Creon to bury her brother Polyneices. Receiving a proper burial was a big deal then. The deceased without an appropriate send-off would be denied entry into the Underworld and forced to roam the shores of River Styx as a restless ghost forever. Antigone wasn’t about to let that happen. Her refusal to snap under pressure earned her the nickname, Rubber Girl.

Rubber Girl is the proverbial rebel with a cause, a poster child for every generation, politicised by necessity to change her world. More information here.

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