The Art of Exhibition Licencing in Vietnam

In a country with opaque requirements for what can and cannot be shown, Linh Le highlights how something as seemingly straightforward as obtaining an exhibition licence may be used to control artistic expression in Vietnam.


‘(PLASTIK)’ is a short film by MeshMinds and Studio Birthplace, which dissects the plastic pollution crisis through the eyes and imagination of a child in South-East Asia.


Memori Menonton “Two Lines In a Square”: Penjara Bahasa dan Sang Tahanan Bebas Separa

Azrin Fauzi mengulas “Two Lines in A Square”, persembahan yang dilancar di Taipei dan Kuala Lumpur dari dua perspektif berbeza.

Illustrated by Sim Xin Feng and Goh Cher See

Chair Stories

In this visual essay, puppet maker and designer Daniel Sim, begins with a set of rejected stage chairs, and ends up on a lyrical journey through Singapore’s theatre history.


Silenced Voices, Unacceptable Humor, Distasteful Desires: The Censorship of Gender and Sexuality in the Philippines

Katrina Stuart Santiago demonstrates how recent incidents of artistic censorship in the Philippines have focused on the silencing of female and LGBTQIA+ voices.


ArtsEquator Ltd is an arts media company that values and promotes Southeast Asian regional arts practice. Southeast Asia has a complex and vibrant arts scene, heavily influenced by the various cultures found in this region. Yet, there are few spaces exclusively dedicated to in-depth criticism and analysis that are regionally oriented. And that is what we are looking to change!

Southeast Asia is a cultural melting pot, with the various nations in the region each contributing a plurality of unique perspectives. Each country has a rich and diverse culture that influences how its people view the arts, which in turn impacts how the art is created, and we believe this is a ripe subject to explore through our incisive articles written by writers residing in Southeast Asia.

Another essential aspect that is part of the arts ecosystem is arts criticism. Art is meant to evoke a response, and we believe a work exists within a context and that the audience adds to the experience of the work. Informed critique and discussions about a work is part of the larger context in which the work of artists sit. Through these writings and discussions, the creator, the critic and the audience contribute to the sharing, understanding, and discourse around the art and the larger environment of expression.

This is why we believe a robust arts media is an essential part of a healthy arts ecosystem. As such, we are committed to developing thought-provoking articles pertaining to the field of arts writing and arts criticism, thereby identifying Southeast Asian creative practices as part of, rather than adjunct to, global contemporary arts. ArtsEquator serves arts makers, arts audiences, and arts critics. ArtsEquator is a not-for-profit company based in Singapore.

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