Weekly Picks: Singapore (15 – 21 April 2019)

Plunge: Esplanade’s The Studios 2019 by Arts Republic & Centre 42, 21 April 5pm, library@esplanade

If you’ve caught any shows from Esplanade’s The Studios 2019 season and can’t wait to talk about them, come join us at this special edition of Plunge! Co-hosted by reviewers from Arts Republic and Centre 42’s Citizens’ Reviews programme, this session welcomes theatre enthusiasts to gather and share their post-show musings in a casual setting. More information here.

My Grandfather’s Road (RHDS) 阿爺條路 ~ 兔心龍魂, 18 – 21 April, Esplanade Theatre Studio

Neo Kim Seng grew up in Pasir Panjang on Neo Pee Teck Lane, a side road named after his grandfather, until he moved out in 1973. My Grandfather’s Road is a collection of stories of the familial haven that stood along the road, stories that have helped him reconnect with his idyllic childhood and his family’s history. It does not dwell in nostalgia but instead explores how personal stories make us who we are.

The latest iteration of My Grandfather’s Road includes new stories that were unearthed, new speculations and reflections, and forgotten histories.

Karen Tan will be joined on stage by Loong Seng Onn in the English version. In the Cantonese version, Tan Cher Kian and Gary Tang come together, this time questioning who is telling the real story. More information here.

Piece of Mind by choo jen quinn, 18 – 28 April, National Library Building

Exploring the intimate histories of our future and our past, Piece of Mind seeks to unveil missing articles of our local tales through a personal exchange in conversation of moments, sentiments, and understanding.

Piece of Mind presents the ache of longing, the open wound of loss, with the hope for togetherness through the stories and the histories that connect us all. Articulated through this optimism of a united people in our community, Piece of Mind pieces together the multitudes of voices and visions that often go unheard of in the daily commotion, that allows for a moment to soak in our surroundings, to appreciate the individuals we coexist with, and to strive for our great story as one people. More information here.

Elegance of Absence 空 • 間 by White Space Art Asia, 17 – 28 April, ION Art Gallery

White Space Art Asia presents Elegance of Absence an exhibition that explores the complex relationship of negative space in art. Negative spaces – or things that are caught between presence and absence – are often overlooked when it comes to Chinese paintings. Yet, they are fundamental to the Chinese philosophy and have always been a major part of the artistic ethos. They play the important role of an amplifier, accentuating the works such that abstractions and emotions that are conveyed through these spaces are enhanced by means of absence, rather than presence. Negative spaces convey meaning through the lack of an image. The very absence creates rhythm and balance. Absence is not a negation but rather, it defines and it elucidates. Find out more here.


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