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Veteran Artists Team Up with Younger Generation at ‘Wild Eye’ Exhibition (via The Irrawady)

YANGON — Veteran modernists and younger generations have teamed up to exhibit their works together in Yangon.

Twenty-seven modernists are displaying more than 50 works at “Wild Eye” contemporary art exhibition at OK Art Gallery in Aung San Stadium.

Their works are either of purely artistic creation or they reflect the contemporary history of their time.

Viewers find a painting of a woman boxer with three boxing gloves, one on her head, captivating.

“Those three boxing gloves represent luck, brain and industry, and the boxing ring is life. I mean to say that people should make use of luck, brains and hard work to win in life,” said veteran surrealist San Min.

“Angry Love” depicts the angry eyes of a woman who is about to stab her lover in the back. “This painting is about the dark side of technological advancement,” San Min said.

Advanced technologies have provided people with easier access to communicate with each other, but also made it easier for people to cheat on their spouses, leading to social problems, he added.

In his “Unknown Rope, Marriage Knot,” young surrealist Ye Min put chains in the place of the heads of a bridegroom and bride.

Artist Than Htay used only black and green colors in his abstract painting. “In this painting, I’ve reduced colors and focused on speed.”


Read the complete article by Wei Yang Aung on The Irrawady.

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