Pattana Chuenmana

The photographer capturing the eerie illustrations of Thai legend Hem Vejakorn (via SEA Globe)

Photographer Pattana Chuenmana has reimagined the illustrations of Hem Vejakorn, a well-known Thai artist and writer, in moving black-and-white still images. Chuenmana talks with Southeast Asia Globe about his latest project.

After Hem Vejakorn pays homage to the revered illustrator who was famed for his ghost stories. Chuenmana stresses the importance of the era Vejakorn lived in, when lamps and torches were the only sources of light to repel the pitch black of night and fear of the dark was closely linked with superstitious beliefs and urban legends. Vejakorn’s works are poignant and sometimes eerie, and Chuenmana brings them to life with the greatest of care.

What was it about Hem Vejakorn that inspired you?
I was first introduced to Master Hem Vejakorn’s work when I got to read his book of ghost stories. I don’t remember whose house or when exactly I read them, but I remember the stories being really scary and the illustrations really gave me the creeps.

But in those scary illustrations, there is also this enigmatic atmosphere that kept me on the edge. It reminds me of childlike curiosity and childhood adventures

I think it is this kind of impression that got me interested in appropriating his works.



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