Green Papaya

MervEspina and the Green Papaya Art Projects (via The Myanmar Times)

With the support of Japan Foundation and collaboration of Myanm/Art, MervEspina, artist and researcher from Philippines talked about Green Papaya Art Projects whose essence can be rendered as ‘never ripe, never rotten’. The talk was moderated by Aung Myat Htay, artist and curator from Myanmar.

Attended by about 30 people, including artists, curators, art students, enthusiasts, and listeners, the talk started at 6 pm and ended at 8 pm. Before Espina’s presentation, the audience was entertained with a video of a woman playing traditional music through a series of brass gongs.

Mr. Soto from the Japan Foundation explained about the Green Papaya Art project, which his foundation have been supporting. He also talked about the future plan of Japan Foundation in Myanmar.  Three short films by Green Papaya were screened one after another. After the screenings, Espina’s talk commenced.

Green Papaya Art Projects started in 2000 and will end in 2021. It was started as an art space focusing on alternative and experimental art. They liked to provide a space for local artists who did not own a space for their own to display their own creations. They like to collaborate with other artists from different fields, too.

In defining Green Papaya, Espina explained it carries the sense of not being yellow or ripe, and not to show something finished, and it encourages the state of potentiality, the state of being pure potential. It also gives encouragement to communities who are willing to experiment on different arts. The project is the space for initializing or giving birth to alternative ideas.


Read more about Green Papaya on The Myanmar Times.

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