AExGTF Chats: Charlie Lim and .gif in George Town

On the closing weekend of the George Town Festival, ArtsEquator interviewed Singaporean musician Charlie Lim and indie-electronic music duo .gif who were in Penang to perform at China House, along with other Singaporean musical acts including Tabitha Nauser and Yung Raja. The artistes were in George Town as part of Connexions: Passion Made Possible, a programme by Singapore Tourism Board in conjunction with George Town Festival 2018.

We chat with Charlie and .gif about what it’s like performing in various Southeast Asian cities, their experiences of the music scene in different parts of the region, and what they think is shapes the Singapore “sound”, if indeed there is one.

Shoutouts, in order of mention:

Urban Scapes (Malaysia)
Zom Kashwak (Philippines)
Moonwlk (Philippines)
Java Jazz Festival (Malaysia)
The Trees & The Wild (Indonesia)
White Shoes & The Couples Company (Indonesia)
Bottlesmoker (Indonesia)
Pleasantry (Singapore)
Plainsunset (Singapore)
B-Quartet (Singapore)
Humpback Oak (Singapore)
The Observatory (Singapore)
Eating Air (Singapore)
Apprentice (Singapore)
Shirkers (Singapore)

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