Unravelling social and political threads [Thailand]

“Bangkok Art and Culture Centre’s (BACC) fourth floor studio, the main venue for its ongoing sixth annual Performative Art Festival (PAF#6), is once again opening doors and lending its support not only to professional dance and theatre groups but also less seasoned performers.

Last month, a mere five days after Anatta Theatre Group’s “Love Astray” had ended its run as the festival opener, Thammasat University’s Faculty of Fine and Applied Arts staged the documentary theatre work “The Voyage”.

Veteran director and dean of the faculty Parichat Jungwiwattanaporn pulled together four family history narratives that proved how contemporary Thai society is more multiracial and multicultural than we realise, with sociocultural links not only with neighbouring countries but also China and Indonesia…”

Read Pawit Mahasarinand’s reviews on The Nation.

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