Someone to say ‘stop it, this is too much’: Raka Maitra and T Sasitharan on collaboration

Dancer-choreographer Raka Maitra, 46, and dramaturg T. Sasitharan, 59, have been constant collaborators. He is the director of the Intercultural Theatre Institute (ITI), while she is the founder of 10-year-old dance company Chowk, known for its contemporary expressions of the traditional Indian dance form of Odissi. When asked, the two recall a disagreement with some mirth, like two bickering old friends. “I refused to work with you,” says Sasitharan. “I thought we were doing too much work together and that you should work with other people. We had deep disagreements about the work.” He explained that the disagreement stemmed from Raka thinking everything was dance, while he thought everything was theatre.

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