Raka Maitra discusses Pallavi in Time – I never look back [Singapore]

“Raka Maitra from CHOWK Productions (Singapore) presents a brand new piece of dance at Esplanade Theatre Studio under Esplanade’s Raga series of programmes showcasing Indian performing arts in dance, music and theatre throughout the year.

After selling out performances of The Second Sunrise at Da:ns Festival in October, Raka offers Pallavi in Time. A follow-up dance performance of Pallavi and Space with the classical Indian form Odissi.

For this occasion, Raka Maitra is studying the tribhanga, a basic pose -tri-bent pose in Odissi in the interest of Pallavi being an elaboration of the raag rhythms. Looking back into the last two performances from the company, I remember the dancers giving out an emotionally charged performance to the audience. Notably in ‘The Second Sunrise’ when the ensemble was exploring poetry that responds directly to the war in Sri Lanka.
This time around, upon seeing a rehearsal at Chowk studios I was surprised by seeing an exceptional commitment to the dance technique and its many rhythms. The dancers looked euphoric and connected to one another discussing the ins and outs of the dance with both the musicians and choreographer. A terrific afternoon of live music and dance.”

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