U Maung Maung

U Maung Maung’s blast from the past (via The Myanmar Times)

To some people, these maybe nothing more than trash, some useless pieces of equipment from a forgotten past, but to others these are rare gems that brought back some bittersweet memories from not so long ago, when strife of all kinds – from World War I, World War II, up to the cold war era — dominated the world.

Yangon is about to get a rare treat reminiscing those foregone era of the angst-ridden, rock n’ rollin flower children generation and their famous slogan “Make Love Not War”, with a showcase of different kinds of turntables and vinyl records players, which defined the music scene for the good part of the 20th century.

From September 20 to 22, researcher U Maung Maung will be showcasing his lifetime collection: turntables, record changers and discs, vinyl music records, sharing with today’s millenials and digital children about those turbulent times and computers and today’s digital gadgets were just figments of imagination.

“I’m proud to show my life-long collection to the public for the first time” the 68-years-old U Maung Maung told the Metro. “It doesn’t mean anything to show these old stuff which were left by many people from the previous century. Today’s generation will be able to gain knowledge and savor history of how people lived in those times, through my exhibition.”

U Maung Maung’s collection will feature more than 30 different kinds of vinyl record players, including the demonstration of recording with phonograph successfully invented by Thomas Alva Edison in 1877, pinion edged gramophone machine produced in about 1915, the sound system of diamond headed and spiral horn of Palour Grand table gramophone (machine No 34 with Dog Mark: his master voice) produced in 1910 as well as the recorder-gram enable to transmit the sounds from discs to memory stick and other parts.


Read more about U Maung Maung and his collection on The Myanmar Times.

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