Gold ‘flags’ hung by artist Priyageetha Dia removed after residents said they look like joss paper (via Channel NewsAsia)

SINGAPORE: Jalan Besar Town Council has taken down the gold mylar sheets, which were hung by Singapore artist Priyageetha Dia at Block 103 Jalan Rajah four days ago, after receiving complaints from residents saying it reminded them of joss paper.

Dr Lily Neo, who is the MP for the Jalan Besar GRC, told Channel NewsAsia on Thursday (Mar 22) that the town council had on Wednesday taken down all 24 sheets that were hung on the parapets of the HDB block and have kept them at the office for the artist to collect.

“Not all can appreciate the artwork; the golden sheets remind people of gold offering paper,” said Dr Neo, who was alerted to the installation during lunchtime on Wednesday.”We want to accommodate as many people as far as possible … if this is a common area, it does not belong to any one person.”

Dr Neo added that the town council had rung the doorbell of Ms Priyageetha’s home, but there was no answer. She is also aware that the artwork was done by the same artist responsible for the gold foil pasted on a flight of steps at the same block last year.

“In the past, we’ve told her to contact us, but this time she did not,” said Dr Neo, who had also expressed interest in possibly working with Ms Priyageetha on her art in the future.

“Maybe something that can last longer, rather than we expose it to the sun and rain,” she said.

The artist is aware of her gold sheets being removed and feels “neutral” about it.

“I knew it would happen sooner or later,” the 26-year-old told Channel NewsAsia on Thursday.

The former Lasalle College of the Arts student shared a photo and videos of her artwork, consisting of individual sheets hung on each floor of the HDB block except for the ground level, on Facebook on Monday and Tuesday. One of them was accompanied by a poem, which said: “Along the vertical axis/dividing walls/in monochrome hues of cerulean/lies a shy calling/catching the odd rays of light/glistening and blinding away from the grey.”


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