Artists must challenge censorship [Malaysia]

“Artists in Malaysia must speak out and challenge any effort by the authorities to control and dictate the direction of their work, said arts activist Raja Ahmad Aminullah.

Raja Ahmad said the recent seizure of works during the Biennale Kuala Lumpur (KLB) 2017 exhibition shocked him, adding that he was disappointed at the lack of outrage from the artistic community.

“Why do we allow ourselves to be sterilised by the authorities? This means we have a culture of fear. We’re afraid to voice our stand.

“As an artist, one of our main responsibilities is to break the silence. If artist don’t voice out, who will?” he told The Malaysian Insight at the National Art Gallery in Kuala Lumpur. …”

Read Nabilah Hamid’s interview with arts activist Raja Ahmad Aminullah on The Malaysian Insight.

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