ASEAN Music Festival

ASEAN Music Festival: After K-pop and J-pop, what about ASEAN-pop? [Philippines]

“There’s K-pop, J-pop, Cantopop, and even Pinoy pop. But do we know what kind of music our ASEAN neighbors are producing?

The dominance of Western music notwithstanding, ASEAN Music Festival organizer Annie Luis of the National Commision for Culture and the Arts (NCCA) wanted to put the spotlight on music from ASEAN member states, this time turning to the rich and varied contemporary music made by young musicians from countries such as Laos, Brunei, Vietnam, and Malaysia.

“It all started for the 50th anniversary celebration last August,” says Luis. “When we were assigned to put that program together, the ASEAN Landmark Lighting, we wanted to bring in ASEAN member country representatives, not just Filipinos performing and wearing costumes of the ASEAN states. We realized that it’s different when you bring in the real performers talaga.”

With that idea in mind, the NCCA, together with the Philippine Educational Theater Association (PETA) and Gabi Na Naman Productions put together the ASEAN Music Festival, held in conjunction with the 31st ASEAN Summit in Manila. The festival also serves as a breather from the formal proceedings of the five-day meeting of world leaders. …”

Read more about the festival on CNN Philippines.

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