21 – 27 Nov 2016: Indonesia

Meta’s Top Picks in Bali, Jakarta, and Bandung from 21 November – 27 November

Meta is a freelance arts administrator and a traveling yogi. She spent 16 years of her life as an art practitioner and the last few years as an arts administrator. Her first love in the arts is dance. She left her heart on the stage but her heart has since expanded and now shares this love with all the other art forms. Her other big love is people and culture; travel continues to connect her with humans of this beautiful earth. When she’s not watching a performance or traveling, you can find her on her meditation or yoga mat finding her balance. Here are some of her picks this week!




Imam Sucahyo Scene-to-Scene, 14 – 28 Nov, Bali

How many times have you walked around an exhibition wishing you could talk to the artist to hear his/ her ideas when creating the work? In Scene-to-scene, you’ll be given a tour of the Cata Odata Gallery by the artist himself!

Imam Sucahyo is an artist from East Java that creates works inspired by his experiences with local communities and stories. His works has been exhibited in various cities in Indonesia and France. Scene-to-scene gives you an opportunity to hear his inspirations, processes and goals. There are 2 sessions daily (except Sunday) at Noon and 6 PM. RSVP is required at wonder@cataodata.com. For more information, check Cata Odata’s instagram at cataodata.



New Music for New Gamelan, 24 Nov, Bali

Gamelan Music has been enjoyed by people all over the world for thousands of years. Its followers are familiar with its traditional sounds and arrangements. Composer Dewa Alit and his group, Gamelan Salukat, present new Gamelan music that takes a step away from the Gamelan music that most of us are familiar with. This music is played on a new set of instruments of Alit’s own tuning and Design. Dewa Alit and Gamelan Salukat will be performing at Bentara Budaya Bali on 24 November at 7 PM. Free admission. For more information, click here.



Bali Storytellers Festival, 25-27 November, Bali

One of the most powerful means of connecting between cultures, across the world, is storytelling. Every culture has stories of how they arrive in this world, and of their dwellings and people. The first Bali Storytellers Festival brings the theme of Sutradhar, which means the Golden Thread, and aims to weave the threads of cultures together through various stories. Come and listen to master wisdom keepers and storytellers in this 3-day intimate festival on the magical Island of Bali. More information here.




Bon Seni, 22-29 Nov, Jakarta

Bon Seni is an exhibition organized by the Jakarta Art Council as a completion of its Women Art Project. This year’s theme Panoptic brought women artists to observe and work with the female inmates of Pondok Bambu, which is the only all-female penitentiary facility in Jakarta. The opening of the exhibition will be on 22 November at 7 PM and there will be discussions with the artists on 26 and 27 November at 3 PM. Bon Seni will be held in Taman Ismail Marzuki. For more information, click here.


Telisik Tari – Tari Melayu, 23-24 Nov, Jakarta

Organised by the Jakarta Art Council’s dance committee, Telisik Tari is created as a critical discussion platform for Indonesia’s traditional dances. This year’s Telisik Tari focuses on tari melayu, or malay dances, and will be presenting a panel of Malay dance and dance artists, educators, and choreographers from the region. Telisik Tari will be filled with seminars, master classes, performances, and discussions on the history of Malay dances. For more information, click here.


Modern Philosophy Class – Kant and Criticism, 26 November, 4 PM, Jakarta

Continuing its series of philosophy class, Komunitas Salihara presents a class on Immanuel Kant. The session will focus on transcendentalism or epistemology, the understanding of subjects and the consequences of the epistemology over how we understand God. Fitzerald Kennedy Sitorus will lead the class. Fitzgerald graduated from the Goethe University Frankfurt, Germany, with a dissertation on Immanuel Kant’s transcendentalism. Fee: IDR 200K. For more information, click here.



The Assembly of Animals, 26-27 November, Jakarta

Part theatre, part science, Tim Spooner’s The Assembly of Animals will delight you and your children! Using a combination of puppetry, common object and experiments, Tim Spooner delights the audiences in his “laboratory” by creating images that are funny, strange, unique and unusual. The Assembly of Animals is held by British Council Indonesia as a part of the UK/ ID Festival. Tickets at IDR 75K. For more information, click here.




Bandung New Emergence Volume 6: Listen!, 18 Nov – 9 Dec, Bandung

The Bandung New Emergence (BNE) series is a biennial exhibition produced and organized by Selasar Sunaryo Art Space in Bandung. The exhibition aims to map development of Indonesia contemporary arts through the work of emerging artists. The 6th edition of BNE presents sound art works and it hopes to see how far sound has been explored in Bandung art landscape. The BNE exhibition is curated by Bob Edrian Triadi, winner of Selasar Sunaryo Curatorial Research Grant. More information.




Rawayan Award, Deadline 30 May 2017

Rawayan in the Sundanese language means “a bridge”. The Rawayan Award sees scripts as bridges between the audience and they plays they are watching. The award calls playwright to submit their scripts. These scripts will be evaluated, documented, published in a book and also performed by various groups at the 2017 Festival Teater Jakarta. More information.



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