Weekly Picks: Singapore (7 – 13 January 2019)

The Past and Coming Melt by Koh Nguang How, Grey Projects, 12 – 23 January

With a focus on environmentally engaged art that speaks to Koh’s early and crucial artistic position on environmental crises, ‘The Past and Coming Melt’ features archival works as well as new recreations of previously destroyed or unavailable work and material.

More information here.

This is Where by Sean Cham, part of M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, until 29 January, at various bus shelters around Singapore

In the name of development and nation-building, monuments and buildings quickly become obsolete and get facelifts, while old infrastructure are demolished to make way for new ones. The Singapore landscape and state-sanctioned icons keep changing, and the only constant seems to be construction sites all across the island.

Through a satirical documentation of construction sites in Singapore, This is Where brings to light construction work and migrant workers (in all industries) who have been relegated to abject status—hidden behind noise panels and safety barriers. Find out more here.


Estrangement and Reconciliation: A Talk With Suzann Victor, Suzann Victor & Sean Tobin, as part of M1 Singapore Fringe Festival, 12 Jan, 3pm, at Singapore Art Museum

Opening the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival this year is a conversation with Suzann Victor to discuss her artistic practice, with a particular focus on Still Waters and the concerns and contentions behind and beyond it. Artistic Director of the M1 Singapore Fringe Festival Sean Tobin will have a candid discussion with Suzann about her work from her early days as a young artist, leading 5th Passage, an important but now defunct Singapore arts collective from the early 1990s. They will then explore how this leads to her body of work in visual arts and performance. The discussion will explore the aesthetics and politics of body and space, and how artists such as Suzann have explored the contentions and negotiations of art-making in Singapore and around the world. More information here.


Weekly Picks: Singapore 7 13 January 2019

Boedi Widjaja: Rivers and lakes Tanah dan air – Live Art at ShanghART Singapore, various dates

Join Boedi Widjaja as he performs his live art piece Rivers and lakes tanah dan air as part of his solo exhibition at ShanghART. The work combines elements of sound, performance, and text; exploring tracing as means of producing new modalities. Performances will take place this week from 10 – 12 January. Find out more here.


Passing – A Solo Exhibition by Vincent Leow by iPreciation Gallery, 11 – 26 January

iPRECIATION presents a solo exhibition by Singapore artist Vincent Leow, entitled Passing. This exhibition showcases twenty-five works by Leow from 2007 to 2018, featuring paintings, mixed media and a sculptural work. Leow considers the impermanence of life through the passage of time, and explores the sentiment of losing something or someone.

Leow’s works are informed by the cultural and social issues around him. From 2008 to 2013, Leow taught Painting at the University of Sharjah, United Arab Emirates (UAE), and his works created during this period of time reveal many influences from the region. His series of silhouette portraits allude to censorship in the UAE, while works featuring superimposed layers of animals and people speak of the political crises that have confronted the Arab world. Since Leow’s return to Singapore, his works look to historical issues closer to home, such as the “Merdeka” battle cry used in Singapore, Malaysia and Indonesia calling for freedom, anti-colonialism and independence in the 1950s. Yet, Leow continues to create works based on news of loss in the Arab region.

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