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What to expect from the Repertory Philippines stage in 2019 (via Rappler)

MANILA, Philippines – Theater junkies of all ages will be happy to know that our local theater scene has some top-notch stage entertainment up its talented sleeve for everyone to enjoy in 2019.

Repertory Philippines, one of the country’s leading theater companies, will be celebrating its 82nd season next year with a lineup of 4 incredible stage productions of various genres, two of which are REP originals.

The season will begin with a historical REP original called Miong, a musical in the English language about the youth and personal life of first-ever Philippine president, Emilio “Miong” Aguinaldo growing up, just in time for his 150th birth anniversary.

The play was written and directed by REP veteran Joy Virata.

The production will run from February 15 to March 20, with actor-musician Tim Pavino, The Voice Philippines Season 2 finalist, leading as Miong.

The next production leans towards the comedy genre with Father’s Day,a witty play about the awkwardly amusing reunion between a grumpy, divorced man and his estranged, goofy young son.


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