Female artists, art biennial to grace National Gallery this year (via The Jakarta Post)

Indonesia’s arts scene is by no means lacking, yet most of its big names are men, with notable female artists largely unexplored.

An upcoming art exhibition at the National Gallery in Central Jakarta, titled Into the Future, aims to change that.

Slated to run from Feb. 26 to March 16, Into the Future will showcase the recent works of Restu Ratnaningtyas, Kinez Riza and 19 other female artists.

Initiated by author, art critic and curator Carla Bianpoen, the exhibition is based on Carla’s book Indonesian Women: Into the Future, which will be launched on the opening day of the exhibition.

Carla told The Jakarta Post that the artists she selected are mostly under the age of 40, as she considers them to be “the signifiers of today and the coming era”.

“By selecting 20 artists under the age of 40 and one who is slightly over 40, I would like to bring to the fore the awesome creativity of young women artists who create powerful contemporary works,” Carla said.

Into The Future is one of 14 exhibitions that the National Gallery will hold this year. Highlights include POST–IRONY, a solo exhibition of rising contemporary artist Pramuhendra in March, and Posisi (Position) by Yogyakarta-based artist Ugo Untoro.

The National Gallery will also present selected artworks by established and rising artists in the highly anticipated biannual event Nusantara Art Exhibition in April.



Read the complete article by Josa Lukman on The Jakarta Post.

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