Sandar Khine

‘I just tried to prove to myself that I could do it’: Reflections on International Women’s Day (via Frontier Myanmar)

Sandar Khine, 46, is one of the few women artists in Myanmar who paint nudes, a courageous choice in a country where some equate images of a naked human body with pornography.

A member of the Myanmar Fine Arts Collective who exhibits at New Treasure Art Gallery in Yangon, Sandar Khine was one of the few artists – and as far as she knows the only women – who worked with life models during the military regime when depictions of the nude human figure were subject to rigorous censorship.

Her works mainly feature plump women peering through cameras, to show an empowered life model gazing back at the viewer.

Sandar Khine, who is married to an artist, also paints male nudes.

Despite the abolition of censorship in 2012, she still struggles to gain acceptance for her work.

“People confuse it with pornography and don’t understand that it is an expression of artistic creativity,” she said.


Read more about Sandar Khine’s art on Frontier Myanmar.

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