Bangkok Art Biennale

Biennale seen posing challenges for artists (via The Nation)

The Bangkok Art Biennale beginning on October 19 will have as its theme “Beyond Bliss”.

The event puts the Thai capital along cities around the world, from Berlin to Beijing, that host biennials, bringing together creative minds to construct their own unique narratives.

The themes are always thought provoking and past events have run the gamut from the highly conceptual to the physically tangible.

The idea was popularised by the Venice Biennale, first held in 1895. The gathering in the city of canals has since become the exemplar for all other locales, setting a high bar for large-scale international exhibitions of contemporary art.

Bangkok as city of culture is full of rich tradition, creativity and contemporary art. Renowned for its heritage, hospitality, entertainment and gastronomy, Bangkok will serve as a grandiose venue for exciting international contemporary art.

The Bangkok Art Biennale, continuing through February 3, will be the first for the city and renew its reputation as an alluring destination for the arts. Artists, art enthusiasts, writers and media will converge for creative encounters.


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