A new generation finds its voice in protest theater [Philippines]

“They could have been staging Shakespeare. Instead, this year’s batch of theater students from the Philippine High School for the Arts, aged 12 to 18, take on the difficult task of protest in a post-truth world.

“A lot of our students [were] troubled and they don’t know what to believe in,” explained their directing and company instructor J.K. Anicoche. “They didn’t know how to make sense of [things] … their immediate reality is na-inaugurate si Trump, tapos may issues of extrajudicial killings, and biglang nabago ‘yung history na tinuturo sa kanila.”

The play, Anicoche said, was their way of processing the political turmoil going on around them. Called “Bantayog,” it was staged this weekend at the Cultural Center of the Philippines as their final recital this school year.”

Read more at CNN Philippines.

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