An interview with Indonesian filmmaker Mouly Surya [Sindie]

“Mouly Surya’s latest genre smash hit, Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts, was screened last month in Singapore as part of the 28th edition of the Singapore International Film Festival. A work that resists easy classification, SINdie had the privilege to catch Mouly and her effusive full-bodied laughter outside of her busy schedule for a quick-fire interview.

Zhihao: I notice a lot of the movie was shot at 90 degrees. It was your main visual motif. Can you share more about this?

Mouly: This has to do with my cinematographer whom I have been working with since my first film. At the early stage, I decided that we don’t want any camera movement for the film and we wanted to have some kind of a, how do I explain this……We decided very early we wanted to make a Western, but we were not sure what kind of a Western. Aside from the genre elements, we also wanted to have other elements in it. The flat angle was one of it, perhaps to maintain a certain formality? Like Ozu? To look at it in a very objective way. That’s the brief I gave the cinematographer. …”

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