Weekly Picks Singapore 21 27 May 2018

Weekly Picks: Singapore (21 – 27 May 2018)


Amek Gambar (Taking Pictures) – Peranakans and Photography by Peranakan Museum

5 May – Sun 3 Feb 2019

This exhibition displays the lives of Peranakans across Southeast Asia through a large collection of photographs. The role of photography was evident as Peranakans took advantage of this visual art form over the last 160 years. From the very first photograph that was taken in 1857,  the community, tradition, identity and even more so their art is expressed through the medium of photography. As one of the earliest resident groups to be photographed, their heritage and way of life are well preserved through this exhibition.

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The Village by 表演工作坊 (台湾) Performance Workshop, Esplanade Theatres on the Bay, 25 – 27 May 2018

A heartwarming play, The Village returns to Esplanade to mark its 10th anniversary. The Village showcases the happiness and struggles of families from three generations. It tells a heartbreaking tale of immigrants from China that is almost similar to Singapore’s history of immigrants. The village spirit within the communities in Taiwan and the dire need to preserve the culture of Taiwan’s Dependents’ Villages is explored in this moving production. What was initially a temporary home for immigrants has become permanent and soon changed Taiwan’s cultural heritage eternally.

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Underclass by Drama Box and The Necessary Stage 16 May – 3 June 2018

Underclass is a brand new collaborative production between Drama Box and The Necessary Stage that explores the reality of poverty, inequality and human dignity in Singapore. The production tells a story of two people who formed an unlikely friendship after a certain turn of events. Underclass provokes with questions about the ever-widening class divide that continues to happen in Singapore.

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VCH Open House by Victoria Concert Hall  23 May 2018

The VCH Open Houses boast a day of musical fun! Open to all ages, visitors can purchase tickets for either the Music Explorers or Backstage Pass for an even more in-depth educational tour and demonstrations.  There are also free activities such as the VCH Historical Tours that are 45 minutes each and Instrument Petting Zoo to get hands-on with.

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The Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir is presenting a choral splendour for their 12th Anniversary together with the Singapore Symphony Youth Choir. Delicate and heavenly, both choir groups will be presenting an array of hymns, music and star-lit songs that vary from welcoming the start of spring to invocations that are reaching out to the divine.

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Flipside 2018 Sensing the Dark: A journey of sound without sight By Esplanade Theatre Studio 26 – 29 May 2018

Flipside by Esplanade Theatre Studios is providing an experience in the darkness that features live music, vocals and subtle lighting effects that is put together by a team of veteran Singapore artists.  It features original music and classic tunes that we can recognise while going through the journey together through the darkness.

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