Ben-Hur Villanueva

Filipino Sculptor Ben-Hur Villanueva (via Murphy Report)

Ben-Hur Villanueva is a sculptor who is not native to Baguio but has made his studio and home there. He says something about the place that drew him there, and continues to nourish the passion he has for his life’s work.  His most recognized sculptures can be viewed at Bonifacioo Global City, Caleruega, and Baguio City, but his workshop Arko ni Apo can best showcase the evolution of his sensibilities, from small intricate pieces, to paintings, to life-sized statues of dancers.   His work is drawn exactly toward that, stills from life that seem graceful and fluid even though they are hewn from brass, metal, or wood. An artist, teacher, culture-buff, and family-man, he is disciplined in all he does, working slowly and methodically, adding bit by bit, hoping to serve people by remaining true to himself.

Watch Murphy Report’s video interview with Ben-Hur Villnueva here.

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