This Duo Came Up With A Solution For M’sians Who Like Movies But Hate People (via Vulcan Post)

There’s no denying that at some point, all of us have dreamed of having an entire cinema all to ourselves, along with the freedom to scream, shout and blabber all we want without anyone telling us to tone it down.

It’s great to know that AMENIC Film Space is that dream now made real.

Founded in late 2017, AMENIC Film space is located in Damansara Kim and is run by Jovy Low and Tay Shen Thuu (both 29)—two friends who met while working in advertising.

With Shen Thuu hailing from Negeri Sembilan and Jovy a Petaling Jaya local, the both of them now do various freelance jobs and passion projects in addition to handling AMENIC Film Space.

“After we both left our jobs, Shen Thuu had a couple of years in America leading a startup iPhone case company,” Jovy said. “In the meantime, I pursued my life’s goal of writing a sci-fi/fantasy novel.”

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The idea of opening up AMENIC (a reversed spelling of ‘Cinema’, if you couldn’t tell) was birthed during a conversation the two friends had with the founders of Lat Tali Lat (who are also close friends and incidentally operate just downstairs of AMENIC).

“We talked with them about starting our own thing,” they explained. “About how it had to be unlike anything else in Malaysia.”

Then just like in so many Malaysian conversations, the question, “So, what did you watch recently?” popped up.

“We love our movies, and we doubly love it when they’re on the big screen,” they said.

The conversation then led towards how they wished to be able to re-watch the classics and favourites on the big screen.

“The original Jurassic Park, The Iron Giant, Nolan’s Memento—all these were meant to be experienced on the big screen,” said Shen Thuu. “Even less mainstream films that never had the budget to enter Malaysia, like the ones from Studio Ghibli.”


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