K-paint in Myanmar: Four Korean artists on show at Yangon Gallery (via Myanmar Times)

Famous Korean artist Park Jin Woo and three other Korean artists (Chong Eun Mi, Nam Yeo Joo and Kwon Young Sil) held a 3-day exhibition, from 20 to 23 May. They showed their amazing art works at The Yangon Gallery.

Their creations are very different from what the Myanmar audience is used to. Each had their own unique styles.

Park Jin Woo is not new to the Myanmar scene though. In 2016, he participated to the Myanmar Art Fair organised by the same Yangon Gallery. In October last year he set up another solo exhibition in Myanmar.

“I have many Myanmar artist friends. I like Myanmar very much,” he says. So much that he decided to bring other Korean artists along. He brought three fellow artists with him this time. More will join in next November when 7 of his compatriot will organise a show.

For this particular occasion, Park Jin Woo created mostly bright floral paintings on gray backgrounds. His signature design is the cherry flower tree. He also had some Myanmar specials; notably, a portrait of General Aung San and of Daw Aung San Suu Kyi –a way to “pay respect” to the host country, as he put it. He also had a series of apples on a plank of wood, hinting at Magritte and the surrealists.

Artist Park Jin Woo is the Vice Chairman of the precious Mapo Art Associations, an art centre is Seoul. He started his journey as an artist when he was 15. Since then he achieved international fame and was shown in Seoul, Daejeon, Japan, Hawa, L.A. and Myanmar.


Read the full article by Lae Phyu Pya Myo Myint on Myanmar Times.

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