Podcast 12: Theatricality in Dance; “Coppélia” and “Indices of Vanishment”

Duration: 18 minutes

Dancer Chan Sze-Wei joins Dr Stephanie Burridge in the studio to consider theatricality in dance, exploring manifestations of theatricality in the classical ballet of Singapore Dance Theatre’s Coppélia and the contemporary form of Raw Moves’ Indices of Vanishment, both of which were staged in the past month. As worlds apart as they are in form, both these productions emphasise, in their own ways, certain theatrical elements – narrativity, characterisation, facial expression.
Podcast produced by Matt Lyon. Opening music by Caspar Productions.

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Coppélia (2017) by Singapore Dance Theatre

Coppélia ran from 16 to 19 March 2017 at the Esplanade Theatre. The principal dancers were Li Jie & Nazer Salgado, and Chihiro Uchida & Kenya Nakamura.




Indices of Vanishment (2017) by RAW Moves

Indices of Vanishment was choreographed by Edith Podesta, with lighting design by Adrian Tan, sound design by Teo Wee Boon and performed by RAW Moves Company Dancers. It ran from 23 to 25 February 2017 at Aliwal Arts Centre.

Indices of Vanishment (2017) from RAW Moves on Vimeo. (Video produced by TheCameraBank)

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