A Film Mixes Fact and Fiction to Illuminate the Lives of Queer Teens in Bangkok (via Hyperallergic)

“#BKKY is a coming-of-age love story following Jojo, who embodies an amalgamation of interviews the director conducted with 100 Thai teenagers.

#BKKY’s opening scene is a brilliant five-minute-long single-shot piece of cinematography, taken from underneath a desk. We see only the legs of two young high school girls and hear them talk flirtatiously with one another. One offers a gift, and then — in fantastically awkward teenage dialogue — asks the other out.

I’m excited. It’s going to be an adorable lesbian love story set in Bangkok.

Then the fourth wall abruptly breaks when a third voice enters: the director gently prodding the actresses to play footsy. Is this an outtake? The clapperboard enters the frame, clacks, withdraws — taking with it any assumption about what this story will be and how it will be told.”

Read the full article on Hyperallergic here.

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