20 – 26 February 2017: Singapore


Indices of Vanishment by RAW Moves, 23 – 25 Feb, 8pm, Aliwal Arts Centre

Choreographed by Edith Podesta, Lighting Design by Adrian Tan, Sound Design by Teo Wee Boon and performed by RAW Moves Company Dancers, Indices of Vanishment is the 2017 edition of RAW Moves’ annual Repertory Platform. Indices of Vanishment is a movement performance that examines the connections we have with personal artifacts and explores the psychological space clutter occupies in our daily lives. Shifting between whimsy and anxiety it sets out to unpack the allure and danger of possession, and the complex relationships we have to the objects we hoard. If our existence is a process of disappearance Indices of Vanishment is a eulogy of the material remains that will outlive us. More information.


Prism by Toy Factory Productions, 23 Feb – 5 Mar, Drama Centre Theatre

Originally penned in 2003 by theatre veteran and Creative Artistic Director of Toy Factory Productions, Goh Boon Teck, Prism is a timeless and provocative presentation that puts the spotlight on the erosion of a nation’s heritage and culture, and the urgency to preserve these remaining treasures. Aman (played by Fir Rahman), an urban city development official, questions his work of demolishing old historical buildings to make way for new cityscape. Faced with the task of explaining the impending demolition of the city’s oldest heritage ‘The Surrounding City’, Aman experiences the wrath of the city, despair of her dwellers and confronts his personal ambivalence about the price of material gains. More information.


Transient Reminiscence 2017 – A Temporal Dialogue by NTU Chinese Orchestra

As part of the 20th Anniversary of its annual concert, Transient Reminiscences, the NTU Chinese Orchestra presents various classic and modern pieces that reflect the growing and maturing of the orchestra within the past 20 years. Features classics such as As the Moon Rises, Flying Apsaras and modern pieces such as Capriccio of Yi and Impressions of Chinese Music. More information.

Tony Albert & Timoteus Anggawan Kusno at Sullivan+Strumpf Singapore

Kerjasama, or ‘collaborate’, is a reciprocal visual arts residency between an Australian and an Indonesian artist, Tony Albert and Timoteus Anggawan Kusno. This exhibition presents their  ongoing projects. Tony Albert’s series Crop Circles of Yogya was developed during a residency at Cemeti Art House, Yogyakarta (supported by Asialink). Albert appropriates farmer’s conical hats into wearable UFOs, takes portraits of Yogyakarta locals wearing the objects, and then highly embellishes the subsequent photographic prints with stickers of widely recognisable pop culture symbolism. Timoteus Anggawan Kusno (Angga) developed an ongoing project in 2013 which resulted in a fictional institution named Centre for Tanah Runcuk Studies (CTRS) which challenges the dominant discourse in the context of post-colonial Indonesia. Using the medium of storytelling in his work, Angga blurs the ctional narrative in the texts and artifacts of an unknown land in Dutch East Indies called Tanah Runcuk. More information.


Launch of SingLit Stitch Exhibition by BooksActually and Jamie Teo, 24 Feb, 7pm

This month-long exhibition of embroidery hoops by Jamie Teo showcases her crafts inspired by works from local authors. More information.


Ownership, Development, and Aspirations, NTU Centre for Contemporary Art Singapore, 25 Feb, 3pm

Who owns a public institution? How does an institution balance the different sets of expectations held by its various stakeholders? What is the role of an international advisory board and how does it contribute to the institution’s development within a global perspective? Shifting the top-down operational model, can an institution learn from artists and incorporate artistic methodologies into its own structure? To address such questions, this session brings together several members of the NTU CCA Singapore’s International Advisory Board into a public discussion with representatives of the Centre’s stakeholders. The session will be moderated by Founding Director Ute Meta Bauer and preceded by Heman Chong’s performance Words, They, Wrote (2015 – ongoing). More information.

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