Quiz: How well do you know Southeast Asian films?

While the works of Steven Spielberg, Wong Kar-wai and Bong Joon-ho have left a mark on the world, we should not forget our homeground talents, from the late Malaysian director Yasmin Ahmad, to Indonesian actor Iko Uwais, and father of Philippines cinema, José Nepomuceno. There is nothing like a Southeast Asian film to showcase the region in its full glory, with each storyline magnifying a specific experience from the region, and the cinematography feeling alive and vibrant. We also have a long and rich film history, which today is being continued by contemporary film practitioners, independent venues and producing houses today.

How much do you know about Southeast Asian films? Take this quiz and find out!


Quiz: How well do you know Southeast Asian films?

You know your Steven Spielberg, Wong Kar-wai and Bong Joon-Ho films. But how much do you know about Southeast Asian films? Take this quiz to find out!

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1. Yasmin Ahmad is a director known for her iconic Malaysian films, such as Sepet (2005), Gubra (2006) and Talentime (2009). Where is the main location she opts to shoot her movies?

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2. Film festivals are pivotal events that can introduce lesser known movies to the world. In the Southeast Asian region, film festivals are aplenty. Which one of these festivals does not exist?

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3. After being diagnosed with a kidney disease, Uncle Boonmee is sure he is going to die and assembles his relatives for his farewell. Graced with the presence of his wife’s ghost, he hopes to live his final days with reflection and fulfilment. What is the title of this Thai movie that was released in 2010?

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5. In the latest Hollywood film Everything, Everywhere All at Once (2022) that has taken the world by storm, there is a famous Southeast Asian actress playing the main character. She also acted in iconic films such as Tomorrow Never Dies (1997) and Memoirs of a Geisha (2005). What is her name?

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4. Southeast Asia is renowned for its lush greenery, streetscapes and its mainly tropical weather. It is no surprise that many film directors choose this nook of the world as their setting. Which one of these films does NOT have scenes in Southeast Asia?

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6. Southeast Asian film history is long and deep – we even had our own version of Hollywood once! When was the golden age of cinema for Singapore?

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7. In the film Bad Genius (2017) by Thai director Nattawut Poonpiriya, main character Lynn has impeccable academic capabilities and comes up with intricate methods to assist her peers in their exams. What is the name of this starlet pictured here?

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8. Which of these is a famous movie from Cambodia?

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9. P. Ramlee was a prominent Malay actor who made his mark in the cinematic worlds of Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia and even Southern Thailand. He has acted in films such as Bujang Lapok (1957) and Pendekar Bujang Lapok (1959). What is his real name?

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10. The Raid (2011) is an Indonesian thriller film directed by Gareth Evans. It stars a prominent Indonesian actor skilled in martial arts, who also acted in Merantau (2009) and Mile 22 (2018). What is his name?

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