Thinking and Talking about Arts and Culture in Southeast Asia

Podcast 58: Research and Practice in Performance-Making

Duration: 29 min

As emerging art-makers having recently graduated from B.A. programmes from three different institutions in Singapore, Ranice Tay, Chua Pei Yun and art naming 奇能 (née Adam Lau*) share their thoughts on the distinctions, overlaps, limitations and challenges between academic research and creative practice. Podcast hosted by Felipe Cervera.

*Prior to April 2019, art naming’s name was Adam Lau. As the podcast was recorded before the change of name, art is addressed as Adam in the recording.

Stream Podcast 58:

Download Podcast 58 here. (right-click and select ‘Save Link As’ on Windows; control+click and select ‘Save Link As’ on Apple)

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