WINDOW by ATTEMPTS: A click away

How does the folder game work? I’ve never played it before. 

Cheryl: It’s like if you’re not an organised person and your folders are everywhere. And there are many things inside the folder. Sometimes you will have pictures next to official work folders – they don’t actually work together but it’s on the computer and you can kind of make sense of it. 

Rei: We also started thinking that because we are on a computer so much now, sometimes we share screen on Zoom and you see somebody else’s desktop. That’s the most exciting part because I get to see what they do normally.

So, I don’t know, maybe somebody has a porn folder (laughs).

Cheryl: He always talks about this. (to Rei) Nobody downloads porn–

 Rei: Exactly, so when I was younger–

Cheryl:–it’s illegal.

Ok but last time, porn folders were a thing.

Rei: Yeah it was. But I mean, I use the word loosely. In folders that are private to you – it might be pictures, you might have “artistic portraits” of yourself. You have all kinds of different things. When you see a glimpse of someone’s folder, you’re curious to look at what’s there, right? What if I click and I go into their world? I can get into their psyche. That kind of captured me. 


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