WINDOW by ATTEMPTS: A click away

Who is SARA?

Cheryl: There’s a SARA that me and Rei talked about, when we were just bouncing ideas. And initially we thought anybody can be SARA. That was our starting point. 

When I first went into the rehearsal process, I wanted to know what the actors thought SARA was like. We went quite in-depth – like, visually, what’s her hairstyle, what kind of make-up she wears, etc. Then we moved into more descriptive stuff, where was she born, what did she study, what does she like, what does she dislike. And then into what she does on a daily basis.  

And what were they basing this on?

Cheryl: I gave them the initial script. Before that we did an entire exercise where we discussed things like, how did you feel about the Circuit Breaker? What do you think about social isolation? What do you feel about mental health? And it was quite interesting what we came up with – because with as little information as we had, we could still piece someone together. 

Is there a lot of room for interpretation? 

Cheryl: Yes. I would say there are just rooms for interpretation (laughs).

At the end of WINDOW, there is a post-show lobby where the five people can meet and talk about their experience. I’m pretty confident that no one experience is the same. You might have a different version of SARA from each other. 

Rei: For us it’s not really important who exactly SARA is, or rather, what’s also important is what she has gone through. We have a collective version of who SARA is. That’s quite meaningful to us. We hope the audience will fill the picture a little bit more.

I don’t know what is a spoiler and what is not.

Rei: It doesn’t matter.

Cheryl: It’s so open-ended, that even if you have spoilers, you get a different experience.

So, is it a participatory video game? A folder game? A one-on-one interactive experience?

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