WINDOW by ATTEMPTS: A click away

“You walk into a black room. Right in the middle of that room, a laptop gleams dimly. A voice beseeches you to explore further.” What is WINDOW? WINDOW by ATTEMPTS   Or try clicking ANOTHER WINDOW WhatsApp Video 2022-03-03 at 5.44.45 PM Tags: attempts  Mental Health  online performance  Singapore Theatre  Video

WINDOW by ATTEMPTS: A click away

How does the folder game work? I’ve never played it before.  Cheryl: It’s like if you’re not an organised person and your folders are everywhere. And there are many things inside the folder. Sometimes you will have pictures next to official work folders – they don’t actually work together but it’s on the computer and …

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Attempts: Singapore

“Attempts: Singapore”: Game On

Spoiler Alert: If you’re planning to experience the mystery and suspense of Attempts: Singapore, read only after you’ve attended the performance. By Richard Chung In a world of innovative theatrical experiences, you often come across too many that scrimp on either execution or narrative. That’s not the case for Rei Poh’s Attempts: Singapore, which operates as a thoroughly …

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