Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Film Censorship in Indonesia?

Indonesia has one of the most prolific film industries in Southeast Asia, yet, local filmmakers have to contend with different kinds of pressure and actions that impact their creative free expression. The real losers are the public, whose choice of what film, local or international, they might watch is decided by those in power

Papuan Cinema in a Time of Oppression

While Papuan cinema takes its place on the world stage, it is still viewed with distrust in Indonesia. Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu traces how and why Papua’s people continue to be excluded from the national narrative.

10 Things You Should Know About: Keris

In the latest episode of our popular 10 Things You Should Know series, we share facts about the keris, a warfare weapon commonly used in maritime Southeast Asia.

In Search of Singapore’s Early Opera History

Corey Koh began with a simple question about the early days of opera in Singapore. Trawling through newspaper archives and scholarly articles, Corey, a young classical tenor who has performed widely in Singapore and abroad, uncovers a fascinating story of Singapore’s place within a larger transcontinental touring circuit, and gives us a glimpse into early performance criticism in Singapore.

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