Illustrated by Sim Xin Feng and Goh Cher See

Chair Stories

In this visual essay, puppet maker and designer Daniel Sim, begins with a set of rejected stage chairs, and ends up on a lyrical journey through Singapore's theatre history.
This visual essay was researched and written by Daniel Sim, with illustrations by Sim Xin Feng and Goh Cher See. You can view more of their artwork at Chersee Art.  The writer and illustrators would like to thank Haresh Sharma, Lim Chin Huat, and Liu Xiaoyi for their invaluable stories and contributions towards the creation of this piece.

About the author(s)

Daniel is interested in objects in performance and the potential of their material and theatrical presence. He designs, makes, sources and/or manages puppets, props and gadgets for theatre performances. He is a member of The Finger Players Core Team. He helms The Maker’s Lab, a programme that focuses on research and development of puppet design and making. He is a co-founder of Prop-erly, where he fabricates puppets, props and other performance objects. He is also a co-founder of local Facebook group We.Make.Performance.Objects.

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