W.O.W Classics: Neo Wen Xin on Constance Singam

In this video, part of the W.O.W (Women on Women) Classics project, Neo Wen Xin shares about “Where I Was”, a 2013 memoir by Singaporean activist Constance Singam. Constance Singam is known for being a longterm president of AWARE, and for championing the rights of various minority communities in Singapore. Wen Xin was mentored by award-winning writer Elaine Chiew.

W.O.W Classics is an effort by ArtsEquator and Chiew to introduce literary classics written by Singaporean women to a new generation of readers, allowing them the space to read works that are new to them, develop their analytical skills and make a video where they can share that experience with others. This digital video showcase features young Singaporean women (aged 18-22) introducing Southeast Asian literary classics written by women, many of which may not form part of a broader popular literary discourse or is a neglected classic.


Wen Xin is currently 22 and a penultimate Sociology student at the National University of Singapore. Driven by a deep interest in social issues, studying Sociology has equipped her with the skills to better understand these issues and see the relation between the micro and macro. She is interested in this project as she thinks that while academic research may be interesting, it might not be the most accessible platform for everyone. Instead, she believes in the power of literature and the power of stories. To her, the beauty of stories is that everyone can read the same story and have a different takeaway that is specific to their lived experiences. She also believes that stories are a way for people to share and reflect on their lived experiences. She hopes that through this project, she is able to combine her interest in social issues with her love for stories. The chance to be mentored by Elaine Chiew is also a great honour.

W.O.W (Women on Women) Classics is organised with the support of Tote Board Arts Fund. Check out the other videos in this series here.

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