Podcast 27: SIFA 2017 Part 1; Singapore Commissions

Duration: 39 mins

Elaine Chiew, Naeem Kapadia, Matt Lyon and Kathy Rowland dissect some of the Singapore-led offerings at the Singapore International Festival of Arts 2017: Becoming Graphic, an original cross-genre commission by Sonny Liew and Edith Podesta, Art Studio by Nine Years Theatre, adapated from the novel by Yeng Pway Ngon, Dragonflies by Pangdemonium, written by resident playwright Stephanie Street, and Trojan Women, which was co-commissioned and co-produced by the National Theatre of Korea and the SIFA and directed by SIFA’s Festival Director Ong Keng Sen.

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Selected Reviews:

Becoming Graphic by Edith Podesta and Sonny Liew 

“SIFA 2017: Becoming Graphic by Sonny Liew and Edith Podesta (Review)” (bakchormeeboy)

“Stripping Down to Hard Truths” by Cheong Suk-Wai (The Straits Times)

“Adapting for the Stage” by Myle Yan Tay (Centre42 Theatre Reviews)

Becoming Graphic: Life in Graphic Form” by Alvin Lim (ArtsEquator)

Art Studio by Nine Years Theatre 

Art Studio, by Nine Years Theatre, Nelson Chia & Yeng Pway Ngon” by Ng Yi-sheng (SIFA blog)

“Capturing History with Passion” by Akshita Nanda (The Straits Times)

“Some Enchanted Evening” by Christian W Huber (Centre42 Theatre Reviews)

“SIFA 2017: Art Studio by Nine Years Theatre (Review)” (bakchormeeboy)

Art Studio by Nine Years Theatre: Back to the Page” by Dan Koh (ArtsEquator)

Dragonflies by Pangdemonium

Dragonflies by Pangdemonium” by Ng Yi-sheng (SIFA blog)

Dragonflies Drags On” by Cordelia Lee (Centre42 Theatre Reviews)

“SIFA 2017: Dragonflies by Pangdemonium (Review)” (bakchormeeboy)

Dragonflies” by Naeem Kapadia (Crystalwords)

Trojan Women by National Theatre of Korea and Ong Keng Sen

Trojan Women, by National Theater of Korea” by Ng Yi-sheng (SIFA blog)

“SIFA 2017: Trojan Women by Ong Keng Sen and the National Theater of Korea (Review)” (bakchormeeboy)

“A Musical of Pure Emotion” by Akshita Nanda (The Straits Times)

“SIFA’s Trojan Women: An Allegory for Modern Times” by Elaine Chiew (ArtsEquator)

Podcast Guest Elaine Chiew is the editor/compiler of Cooked Up: Food Fiction From Around the World (New Internationalist, 2015). She has won prizes for her short fiction and also been shortlisted in numerous other U.S. and U.K. competitions. Her most recent stories can be found in Potomac Review and Singapore Love Stories (Monsoon Books, 2016). She is currently based in Singapore and has just completed an M.A. in Asian Art History at Lasalle College of the Arts.

Podcast Guest Naeem Kapadia is a finance lawyer and passionate advocate of the arts. He has acted in and directed student drama productions in both London and Singapore. He has been writing about theatre for over a decade on his personal blog Crystalwords and publications such as London student newspaper The Beaver, Singapore arts journal The Flying Inkpot and Singapore daily newspaper TODAY. Naeem enjoys cooking, travel and running.

About the author(s)

Kathy Rowland is the Managing Editor of ArtsEquator.com, a registered charity that she co-founded with Jenny Daneels in 2016. The site is dedicated to supporting and promoting arts criticism with a regional perspective in Southeast Asia. Kathy has worked in the arts for over 25 years, working in the areas of critical writing and arts advocacy, with a special interest in media platforms for the arts. She is the Project Lead for ArtsEquator’s Southeast Asian Arts and Culture Censorship Documentation Project, launched in 2021. She has written extensively on censorship of arts and culture in Malaysia. She was a member of the International Programme Advisory Committee of the 8th World Summit on Arts and Culture, 2019.

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