Short film by Malang director wins Australia-Indonesia cinema competition

A film by Indonesian newcomer director Mahesa Desaga, Nunggu Teka (Waiting to Arrive), was named winner of a short film competition in the 2017 Australia-Indonesia Cinema Festival (FSAI) at XXI Senayan City cinema in South Jakarta on Sunday.

The 14-minute film follows a mother who lives alone in an old traditional house. While waiting for her only son to come home during the Idul Fitri celebration, she prepares his favorite food dishes.

Mahesa, who hails from Malang, East Java, said the story was based on his personal experience. “I am now at the age where I often ‘act busy’. When my mother asks where I am, I usually answer that I’m busy with work. Then, I thought, how does my mother feel about this?” he said.

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