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da:ns festival 2017
Left: Rocío Molina's "Bosque Ardora", image: Alain Scherer; Right: Eisa Jocson, image: Bernie Ng

Podcast 30: da:ns festival 2017

Duration: 21 min

Dr Stephanie Burridge and dancer Chloe Chotrani recap the da:ns festival 2017 by Esplanade Theatres on the bay, sharing their personal reflections on the shows they’ve seen. Chloe discusses the relevance of Eisa Jocson’s practice to Filipin@ sociopolitics, and how this comes through in Jocson’s double-bill of Macho Dancer and Corponomy, while Stephanie shares about the passionate, fiery flamenco form of Rocío Molina’s Bosque Ardora (performed by Molina with Eduardo Guerrero and Fernando Jiménez from Spain), Benjamin Millepied’s L.A. Dance Project, and some of the festival’s Rasas.

Download Podcast 29 here. (right-click and select ‘Save Link As’ on Windows; control+click and select ‘Save Link As’ on Apple)


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The da:ns festival 2017 by Esplanade Theatres on the Bay sees its 12th annual edition this year, and ran from 20 – 29 October 2017.

Guest Contributor Chloe C. Chotrani is a dance artist, cultural manager and writer based in Singapore. She was a dance scholar with Romançon Dance in Manila and has worked with B Supreme London, Evidence Dance, Movement Research and Gibney Dance in New York. Her creative research is oriented towards her heritage and ancestry, the dance ethnography of Southeast Asia, eco-feminism and the decolonization of people. Find her on her website.

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