Podcast 47: TheatreWorks’ “13.13.13” and SRT The Young Company’s ‘The Fall’

Duration : 33 mins

Theatreworks’ 13.13.13 and SRT’s The Young Company’s The Fall are the two works discussed in this month’s podcast. Hosts Matt Lyon and Naeem Kapadia are joined by Ann Lee, playwright, LGBTQ activist and PhD-to-be in reflecting on Shen Tan’s ‘13.13.13’, directed by Tan Shou Chen. There were strong feelings all around.

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SRT The Young Company’s The Fall with Nicholas, Meng Hui Yi Hayley, Louisa Vilinne, Muhammad Aidil Bin Samri, Koh Hejian Benjamin, Canice Chow, Kimberly Sim, Joel Tan. Photo: SRT



TheatreWorks’ 13.13.13 by Shen Tan was on from 19 July – 4 August 2018. It was directed by Tan Shou Chen, featuring Sharda Harrison, Thomas Pang, Chanel Chan and Jo Tan.  SRT’s production of James Fritz The Fall, directed by Daniel Jenkins, was part of The Young Company Graduation Showcase and was staged at the KC Arts Centre, Singapore on 24 & 25 August 2018. The cast members of The Fall were Koh Hejian Benjamin, Iris Li, Muhammad Aidil Bin Samri, Louisa Vilinne, Joel Tan, Kimberly Sim, Canice Chow, Meng Hui Yi Hayley, Nicholas Kyle Papayoanou, Kiara Pillai, Johanna Van Thi An, Nurulhuda Hassan, Miranti Putri Lestari, Maria Erika Goh and Jocelyn Tedja.

ArtsEquator’s Theatre Podcast is hosted by Matt Lyon, with  Naeem Kapadia. Matt  has taught IB Theatre at the School of the Arts Singapore since 2012. For 15 years, Matthew was editor of and a writer for the now-defunct review site The Flying Inkpot Theatre and Dance, and he has conducted workshops on theatre criticism for several local institutions. Naeem is a finance lawyer and passionate advocate of the arts. He has acted in and directed student drama productions in both London and Singapore. He has been writing about theatre for over a decade on his personal blog Crystalwords and publications such as London student newspaper The Beaver, Singapore arts journal The Flying Inkpot and Singapore daily newspaper TODAY. Naeem enjoys cooking, travel and running.

Guest Contributor Ann Lee has been writing in mainstream and online media about the arts in Malaysia and Southeast Asia for over 25 years. Former artistic director of Kuali Works, she is an award-winning playwright and sometime performer and director. Her latest play ‘Tarap Man’ is published in ‘Southeast Asian Plays’ (Aurora Metro, 2016). She is also currently pursuing a PhD in Southeast Asian studies at the National University of Singapore.


About the author(s)

Kathy Rowland is the Managing Editor of ArtsEquator.com, a registered charity that she co-founded with Jenny Daneels in 2016. The site is dedicated to supporting and promoting arts criticism with a regional perspective in Southeast Asia. Kathy has worked in the arts for over 25 years, working in the areas of critical writing and arts advocacy, with a special interest in media platforms for the arts. She is the Project Lead for ArtsEquator’s Southeast Asian Arts and Culture Censorship Documentation Project, launched in 2021. She has written extensively on censorship of arts and culture in Malaysia. She was a member of the International Programme Advisory Committee of the 8th World Summit on Arts and Culture, 2019.

Born in Tawau, Malaysia, Dr Ann Lee, PhD Southeast Asian Studies (NUS), is a playwright, and a researcher of humour and indigenous satire. She is a past Fellow of the Asia Leadership Fellow Programme, and is currently member of the External Advisory Committee (Creative Arts and Media) of a private university in Malaysia.

Naeem is an arts reviewer and commentator who has been writing critically about performance in Singapore since 2011. He runs a dedicated theatre blog, Crystalwords (crystalwords.blogspot.com), has contributed theatre reviews to publications such as arts journal The Flying Inkpot and Singapore newspaper TODAY and participated in workshops and panel discussions for organisations like Centre 42. He currently sits on the Board of Directors of Arts Equator and co-hosts the theatre podcast for the site.

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