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Singapore artist Sarah Choo Jing talks about her new work and depicting loneliness between her home city and London [Singapore]

Sarah Choo Jing is known for her interdisciplinary approach to photography, video and installation. Art Radar talks to the artist about her practice and recent works, on the occasion of her participation in the 57th Venice Biennale and LOOP Fair.

Sarah Choo Jing, ‘Art of Rehearsal’, 2016, multimedia installation. Image courtesy the artist and A.I. Gallery.

The work of Sarah Choo Jing (b.1990, Singapore) depicts identifiable moments and characters within contemporary urban society suggesting a plethora of private narratives. Focusing on the relationship between space, time and subject, Choo often represents characters engrossed in their emotional lives separated by architectural constructs such as the city or domestic environment, which the artist recreates as a painterly scenography. Her films often construct labyrinthine, melancholy narratives in which her characters experience key moments of contact and understanding between them. Playing with the relationship between stage and character, script and speech, contact and violence, Choo’s real interest is the architectural and representational basis of social and cultural norms in contemporary life. Her new work Wear You All Night (2017) is being presented by A.I Gallery at Barcelona-based video art festival, LOOP Fair.

Another new work entitled Art of the Rehearsal is currently showing in a group exhibition entitled “Personal Structures”, showing in the context of the 57th Venice Biennale. This work was commissioned for the opening of the new media gallery at National Museum of Singapore and is accompanied by a short essay by Singapore curator Louis Ho.

Art Radar talks to the filmmaker and photographer about her art practice. Read the full interview here.

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