W.O.W Classics: Goh Tze Yi on Heng Siok Tian

In this video, part of the W.O.W (Women on Women) Classics project, Goh Tze Yi shares more about “Crossing the Chopsticks and Other Poems” (1993), a book of poetry by second-generation Singaporean English poet Heng Siok Tian. Tze Yi was mentored by award-winning writer Elaine Chiew.

W.O.W Classics is an effort by ArtsEquator and Chiew to introduce literary classics written by Singaporean women to a new generation of readers, allowing them the space to read works that are new to them, develop their analytical skills and make a video where they can share that experience with others. This digital video showcase features young Singaporean women (aged 18-22) introducing Southeast Asian literary classics written by women, many of which may not form part of a broader popular literary discourse or is a neglected classic.

Goh Tze Yi is an English Literature major studying at the National University of Singapore; heartfelt literature has always been the bulwark with which she anchor herself in the sea of life, for there is nothing more revitalising than seeing the images of oneself and one’s society in fascinating stories. Her most recent feature has been in the form of a short story in Robert Yeo at Eighty: A Celebration, published by Epigram Books. Tze Yi hopes to become a better writer and inspire others with her words.

W.O.W (Women on Women) Classics is organised with the support of Tote Board Arts Fund. Check out the other videos in this series here.

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