Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City

Weekly Picks: Singapore (7 – 13 May 2018)

Visual Arts

Angkor: Exploring Cambodia’s Sacred City by Asian Civilization Museum (ACM), 8 April – 22 July 2018

The ancient civilisation of Angkor left an artistic legacy that lives on most spectacularly in its architecture and sculpture. A UNESCO World Heritage site, the archaeological complexes are today acknowledged as great masterpieces. But until the late 19th century, they were virtually unknown to the outside world. In this ACM exhibition, visitors will see rare Khmer sculptures, along with French drawings, photographs, and memorabilia that tell the story of the French encounter with Angkor and its sensational emergence onto the international stage.

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Rediscovering Forgotten Thai Masters of Photography by Manit Sriwanichpoom, NUS Museum, 15 March – 1 December 2018

Rediscovering Forgotten Thai Masters of Photography gathers images taken in Thailand during the 1950s to 1970s by seven photographers Buddhadasa Bhiku, Liang Ewe, S.H. Lim, Saengjun Limlohakul, Pornsak Sakdaenprai, ’Rong Wong-Savun and M.L. Toy Xoomsai. By assembling these bodies of works, the project offers conjectures on film photography and ethnographic lines of inquiry. The 247 remastered prints potentially survey photographic traditions at the onset of Modern Thailand, suggesting views such as celebrity and cosmopolitan life alongside inland societies and the periods antecedent to Thailand’s tourism in the 60s.

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The More We Get Together by National Museum of Singapore, 20 April – 30 September 2018

From the iconic dragon playgrounds of the 1970s to today’s modern, inclusive and community-built versions, playgrounds have played a part in our collective experience of growing up in Singapore. In this exhibition, the National Museum of Singapore invites you to relive those memories and think about future playgrounds. Explore different playground surfaces, examine the original blueprints of the iconic mosaic playgrounds, and discover how we have defined our playgrounds, not only in terms of physical boundaries and equipment but also in terms of their place and meaning in society.

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SIDES 2018 by Frontier Danceland, SOTA Studio Theatre, 11 – 12 May 2018

SIDES 2018 is an exciting triple-bill featuring vastly distinct styles of original works by choreographers Shahar Binyamini (Israel), Richard Chappell (UK) & Faye Tan (Singapore), Annie Vigier & Franck Apertet (France). Curated in 2013, SIDES is tFrontier Danceland’s annual mid-year production which brings both international and local choreographers together so that the various tangents of contemporary dance are explored.

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Image: SIFA 2018

SKY KAVE by FERRY, featuring a performance by Issy x Evanturetime, Play Den, The Arts House,  8 – 12 May 2018.

At SKY KAVE, a music and visual arts installation by artist FERRY and technical collaborators, Rong Zhao and Kelvin Ang, passive observation is not an option. Sound and music break beyond audio, to engage the other senses. This SIFA 2018 exhibition, which opens on the 8 May, will also feature  a specially commissioned performance by Issy X Evanturetime from 10 – 12 May. Their 30 minute set brings together the perspectives of a  deaf artist and a hearing centric musician in a work that challenges our notions of sound.

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Isai Amuthu – Musical Gems of the Tamil Trinity by the Temple of Fine Arts, Esplanade Recital Studio, 12 May 2018

The Tamil trinity, also known as the Tamil Moovar, were three composers—Muthu Thandavar, Arunachala Kavi and Marimutha Pillai—who had contributed several Tamil compositions that are sung in carnatic music recitals today. While they may be lesser known than the carnatic music trinity, their genius brought structure to the modern format of krithi and padams.

In Isai Amuthu – Musical Gems of the Tamil Trinity, the Temple of Fine Arts ensemble brings to life some of the composers’ rare and recognised works, such as Eesane, Kaalai thookiand Eppadi Manam.

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Guided Heritage Tour + Drypoint Workshop by STPI + National Heritage Board, 12 May 2018

Learn more about Singapore’s marvellous and diverse heritage buildings and join STPI on this exclusive guided tour which takes you from Hong San See Temple to Sri Thendayuthapani Temple. Following that, you can create your own drypoint prints at STPI Gallery inspired by these heritage sites.  RSVP to by 10 May. Limited places available.

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