Headache Stencil

Thai street artists send political messages against corruption and military rule with spray and stencils (via SCMP)

A growing number of Thai street artists are turning political and getting their anti-corruption messages across with spray paint. Most keep their identity secret for fear of reprisals from the authorities. South China Morning Post speaks with three artists.

There are many ways to fight the establishment, and Headache Stencil does so with graffiti. The Thai street artist, who uses a pseudonym for safety reasons, engages in hit-and-run attacks of subversive street art, producing stencilled murals on various public surfaces around Bangkok.

And not just any artworks. In one piece of graffiti he depicted Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha as a street artist wielding a spray can with the number 44 on it. That was a reference to Article 44 of Thailand’s interim constitution, which grants absolute powers to the former army chief who heads the National Council for Peace and Order, the country’s ruling junta.

Read Tibor Krausz’s article here.

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