Indonesia: Artistic Freedom Report

The key findings and analysis of artistic freedom in Indonesia from the Southeast Asian Arts Censorship Database Project, 2010 – 2022.

Quiz: How Much Do You Know About Film Censorship in Indonesia?

Indonesia has one of the most prolific film industries in Southeast Asia, yet, local filmmakers have to contend with different kinds of pressure and actions that impact their creative free expression. The real losers are the public, whose choice of what film, local or international, they might watch is decided by those in power

Papuan Cinema in a Time of Oppression

While Papuan cinema takes its place on the world stage, it is still viewed with distrust in Indonesia. Adrian Jonathan Pasaribu traces how and why Papua’s people continue to be excluded from the national narrative.

Citra Kader (Kolektif Videoge), one of the MB Artist in Labuan Bajo, East Nusa Tenggara, sitting in front of their work "Neighbor Recipe Note". Image source: Documentation Tim MB Labuan Bajo.

Makassar Biennale: The Concept of Community Literacy and The Eternal Artistic Question

Wilda Yanti Salam shares an insider’s view of the Makassar Biennale’s ongoing attempt to undo the conventions of biennale-making in eastern Indonesia’s first biennale. This article is published as part of the inaugural AE x Goethe-Institut Critical Writing Micro-Residency 2021/2022.

Nuansa Lokakarya Kuratorial Tim MB dari 5 kota di Situs Karst Pangkep. Sumber imej: Artefact Kitab Maya.

Makassar Biennale: Gagasan Literasi Warga dan Pertanyaan Artistik Yang Abadi

Wilda Yanti Salam berbagi pandangan orang dalam tentang upaya berkelanjutan Makassar Biennale untuk membongkar konvensi penyelenggaraan biennale pada biennale pertama di Indonesia bagian timur. Artikel ini diterbitkan sebagai bagian dari program perdana AE x Goethe-Institut Critical Writing Micro-Residency 2021/2022.

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Photo courtesy of Creative Commercial on Youtube and AIS Youtube Channel.

5 Advertisements That Are So Southeast Asian

Some advertisements are works of art. These contain well-told stories, interesting characters, and meaningful insights, while making a marketing message go down that much more smoothly. Mira Sharon recommends 5 advertisements you can watch to learn more about what makes us Southeast Asians tick.  To tell stories is a beautiful act, and advertisements are an …

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Courtesy of Jatiwangi Art Factory

Jatiwangi Art Factory: Cultural work that breaks the mould

Translation by Eka Wahyuni In one corner of West Java, Indonesia, in the Majalengka Regency, a group of volunteers work hand in hand to distribute Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), groceries, food, and medical equipment to people who have to work outside the home during the Covid-19 pandemic. These volunteers were the Relawan Jabar Baik (West …

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