M1 CONTACT: Dance artists talk mental health

Four artists, Ruby Jayaseelan, Irfan Kasban, Fabio Liberti and Xenres Kirishima Chi Ji Hong, get personal as they talk about mental health issues in relation to works they have been developing for M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival. Ruby and Irfan talk about what Terbalek (Malay for “upside down”) means to them; Italian choreographer Fabio reveals the roots of the story of the award-winning performance, Solo for Real; and Xenres shares about a condition many performing artists have and his work Vessel of Theseus.

As a result of the pandemic, all live performances for the 11th edition of the festival have been rescheduled to 2021. There are currently a slew of classes and workshops led by a diverse set of performers such as Ruby and Fabio, Hasyimah Harith and Ng Zu You. Do also check out M1 CONTACT Rewired, with Thinking Afoot, a work-in-progress sharing on 19 and 20 June; Purⓔ《纯ⓔ》: An Experimental Virtual Performance on 26 and 27 June; and Dialogue with The Farm, a discussion about inclusive dance performance on 27 June. M1 CONTACT Contemporary Dance Festival is presented by T.H.E Dance Company.

For more information on M1 CONTACT Rewired or other festival programmes, click here.

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Nabilah Said is an award-winning playwright, editor and cultural commentator. She is also an artist who works with text across various artforms and formats. Her plays have been staged in Singapore and London, including ANGKAT, which won Best Original Script at the 2020 Life Theatre Awards. Nabilah is the former editor of ArtsEquator.

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