(Episode 2) What’s in a Scene – Nothing by Cake

‘We are all but moving shadows and all our busy rushing ends up in nothing’

In this episode, Natalie Hennedige and Siti Khalijah Zainal unpack a scene from Cake‘s Nothing and talk about the process and the inspiration behind the creation of the play, from the characters to multimedia design and more. Nothing was staged in 2007, only two years after Cake was formed.

Nothing is an intimate observation of love and death. Various characters, some obscure, some mundane, some elusive, in various situations under various circumstances connect, collide and inch forward, moment to moment, beat by beat. Someone lives. Someone dies. Someone laughs. Someone cries. Nothing else.


Playwright & Director: Natalie Hennedige
Starring: Goh Guat Kian, Nora Samosir, Rizman Putra, Peter Sau, Siti Khalijah
Multimedia & Set Designer: Brian Gothong Tan
Sound Designer: Philip Tan
Lighting Designer: Suven Chan


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