(Episode 1) What’s in a Scene – 《大狗民》Citizen Dog by The Finger Players

In this episode, Liu Xiaoyi and Oliver Chong unpack a scene from The Finger Players 十指帮 ‘s 《大狗民》Citizen Dog and talk about the set design, costume design and more. Inspired by Liaozhai, Citizen Dog is an absurd tale of desires in their nightmarish glory, a surreal dreamscape that reflects real world problems.

《大狗民》Citizen Dog was staged in 2018 and is one part of the ‘Citizen’ trilogy. The last instalment of the trilogy, Citizen X, originally set to be staged this year has been postponed. Find out more about The Finger Players and their works on their website – www.fingerplayers.com


Director: Oliver Chong
Co-Playwrights: Oliver Chong, Liu Xiaoyi
Starring: Alvin Chiam, Jo Kwek, Li Xie, Liu Xiaoyi
Puppeteers: Ann Lek, Darren Guo, Trey Ho
Sound Designer & Music Composer: Darren Ng
Sound Associate: Jing Ng
Lighting Designer: Lim Woan Wen
Costume Designers: Max Tan & Yuan Zhiying of MAX.TAN
Co-Designers of Puppet Dog: Jack Chen of Tsai Design, Oliver Chong
Puppetry and Props Designers & Makers: Oliver Chong, Daniel Sim
Make-Up Artist: The Make Up Room
Hair Stylist: Ashley Salon

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