29 May – 4 June 2017: Singapore

You’ve probably seen videos of perfectly drawn alphabets floating around on Facebook / Instagram, here’s a chance to learn how to DIY! Take it as a one-time payment for a life-time skill! Not advisable but –  think of the sarcasm you can convey to your unsuspecting enemies via calligraphic writing. It’s a whole new world of clap backs. Definitely a worthy skill to acquire if you ever find yourself needing to send out invitations on a budget but unwilling to compromise on quality. Or anything really. Fancy handwriting is always in-style.

copperplate calligraphy








Introducion to Copperplate Calligraphy, 28 May, 10am @ 531 Upper Cross Street #03-57 Hong Lim Complex 

Copperplate is a style of calligraphic writing that uses a pointed steel nib or quill to produce a style of lettering characterized by both thick and thin strokes.

For this class, the first segment will be about education of copperplate calligraphy followed by preparation of the nib and holder. After that, during the practice session, the basic strokes and form of the alphabets will be practiced and explored. Lastly, we will go through putting everything together and working on the form of a word and sentence.

Fee Includes:
Oblique holder, Nikko G / Zebra G Nib, a customized practice pad with various papers, a bottle of walnut ink and a handmade bookmark.

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Good job on getting through your Monday blues! Life is all about the tiny treats. So here’s a little comedy relief for Tuesday that we think you deserve. Tucked away from the hectic atmosphere of commercial movie theatres sink into the comforting darkness of a theatre and laugh your troubles away!

Ma Loute

Ma Loute, 30 May, 8pm @ Alliance Francais


In French with English subtitles

M18 – Mature content

Summer 1910. Several tourists have vanished while relaxing on the beautiful beaches of the Channel Coast, near Slack Bay. There lives a small community of fishermen and other oyster farmers, including a curious family, the Bréfort, led by “The Eternal”, a father ruling as well as he can on his prankster bunch of sons, especially the impetuous Ma Loute. Towering high above the bay stands the Van Peteghems’ mansion. Every summer, this bourgeois family stagnates in the villa, not without mingling with the ordinary local people. Over the course of five days, as starts a peculiar love story between Ma Loute and the mischievous Billie Van Peteghem, confusion and mystification will descend on both families, shaking their way of life.

Director: Bruno Dumont

Cast: Fabrice Luchini Juliette Binoche Valeria Bruni Tedeschi

Tickets can be purchased here

Spend hours watching SNL on Youtube? Amy Poehler and Tina Fey began their journey into SNL from Improv shows just like the one below. Head down and check out Singapore’s Improv scene, our Amy’s and Tina’s will be waiting to tickle you drunk!


Schemers Improv Night No.3: My Carpool Took Me Places, 3 June, 8pm @ Aliwal Arts Centre 

From Schemers Improv: “For the third episode of Schemers Improv Nights, we’re bringing back a fan-favourite: My Carpool Took Me Places.

Last time we did this show, Yishun Swimming Pool caught fire, Daniel Day Lewis was the Pickle Lord and Nikhil got run over by a Hyundai Sonata.

Your suggestions ignite an hour of improv comedy gold by a bunch of improvisers sardine-squeezed into the only car a bunch of improvisers can afford. Don’t miss the high-octane hilarity of Singapore’s only vehicular improvisation spectacular.”

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TANGO 4 June, 8pm @ Drama Centre Theatre

A seemingly perfect family is torn apart when Jayden’s adoptive father, Kenneth, is forced to return to Singapore from idyllic suburban England to care for his ailing father. This quickly triggers a butterfly effect that escalates into a national emergency rife with a tsunami of secrets, skeletons and sequins – and, quite suddenly, Jayden is tossed into a world where the realities of ‘happily ever after’ seem out of reach. Penned by local playwright Joel Tan and directed by Tracie Pang, be swept into a poignant fable about the father-son dynamic, and the events that unfold in the face of trials and tribulations

Directed by Tracie Pang.
Starring Koh Boon Pin, Emil Marwa, Lim Kay Siu, Lok Meng Chue, Anita Kapoor, Benjamin Chow, Ruzaini Mazani, and introducing Dylan Jenkins.
Set Design by Wai Yin Kwok

TANGO is rated Restricted 18 (Homosexual Theme).



CLO and Louisa Kan @ Esplanade Concourse, 29 – 31 May 2017 : 6.45pm & 7.30pm
CLO and Louisa Kan have carefully selected songs that will take you back in time. To all the ’80s and ’90s babies out there, get ready for a karaoke session because it’s going to be an evening of nostalgic covers of songs by Rick Astley, Cher, Bon Jovi and Prince.
This event is free!
Check out the Youtube page here


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